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HM Sports Performance guides you to exceed your personal fitness and wellness goals to become a better athlete. With an experienced Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist, we help you reach the next level of competition through our sports-specific programs that are designed to provide optimal speed, movement, explosion, balance, power, functional strength, core stability and recovery. 
Our Specialist fully understands how the human body moves and performs through functional anatomy, providing you an individualized, integrated program to enrich your training and enhance your performance. 

where to start

The best way to get started with your performance and recovery goals is to optimize your movement and posture with a Biomechanical Assessment and a Target Specific Soft Tissue Therapy session.

We start our clients with a Biomechanical Assessment so we are able to identify overactive muscular tissue that result in faulty postural patterns. Once we identify the distorted patterns we treat the overactive tissues with Target Specific Soft Tissue Therapy.

When you optimize your movement patterns and posture you will be able to perform better and be more likely to stay injury free!

BioMechanical Assessment + TargeT Specific Tissue Therapy


HM Sports Performance pays special attention to the assessment of the kinetic chain, human movement science involving functional anatomy, functional biomechanics, and motor and control
learning. You'll not only feel more powerful, you'll feel empowered to do more – and be more.