Biomechanical Movement Analysis

Our certified and licensed specialist will observe and identify faulty movement patterns and limitations of musculoskeletal system. Your performance will greatly increase after an evaluation addressing found imbalances.

Corrective Exercise

As specialists in Corrective Exercise, HM Sports uses a systematic process of identifying a neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction that indicates possible muscle imbalances to develop a plan of action. We then implement proper corrective strategies that alter muscle balance and joint motion. The result is a change in structural alignment and movement patterns of the human body.

Compression Therapy

Our compression therapy systems are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab. All of our systems use NormaTec's patented PULSE technology to help athletes recover faster between trainings and after performance by increasing blood flow and flushing metabolites from the workout out of the body.

Massage Therapy + ART Therapy

Our sports massage therapist has worked with many athletes and injuries and uses his extensive knowledge of movement science and anatomy to target any problem areas. Working out overactive tissues in the body can get rid of faulty movement patterns allowing you to perform better with less effort.