Each sport and athletic event uses muscle groups in a different way. We at HM Sports Performance understand that athletes have special needs. HM Sports massage is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance and recover after a big event by stimulating circulation of blood and lymph fluids.

   Anyone who routinely exercises or engages in strenuous activities such as running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, tennis and other racquet sports, strength training and aerobics should incorporate massage into their conditioning program. Massage helps you get into good shape faster with less stiffness and soreness. It helps you recover faster from heavy workouts, and relieves conditions which may cause injury.


   Sports Massage is essential for optimum treatment of certain injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion and is excellent for helping prevent sports injuries. Our technique involves applying pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body by using trigger point therapy to break down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increase range of motion.

   HM Sports Massage focuses in on the problem area rather than giving you a thorough full body massage -- a tender knee from running, for instance. We can help you identify and correct the movement pattern that might be causing your injury in the first place.

Types of sports massages:

  • Post-event sports massage -- given within an hour or two of the event, to normalize the body's tissues.
  • Restorative sports massage -- given during training to allow the athlete to train harder and with less injury.
  • Rehabilitative sports massage -- aimed at alleviating pain due to injury and returning the body to health.

Benefits of Massage

Tension or tightness reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and organs and also restricts nerve & lymph supply. This tension helps to create a build up of toxins in the body, and decreases the body’s ability to absorb water. Also, it blocks the proper flows of the body’s natural Chi – or life force. Tension can lead to feelings of fatigue, aches and pains, tightness of muscles and stiffness. Muscular stress can increase the likelihood of strains and injuries.

Objectively, massage restores function, releases tension and depending on the type of massage, sends the body into a sympathetic (active) or parasympathetic (resting) state.

Improve circulation: Increase’s blood circulation and the flow of lymph (tissue fluid)

Improve muscle (resistance massage)

Soothe and relax nerves

Relieve stress

Relieve pain in certain conditions

Relieve tension

Relax mind and body

Different forms and types of massage therapy:

  • Swedish Massage - gentle, soft, light massage. Usually full body.
  • Deep Tissue - powerful, deep and sometimes painful but it is well worth it.
  • Aroma therapy - using naturally occurring essential oils to enhance the treatment.
  • Ayurvedic - “Knowledge of Life” focuses on the spiritual side of the body and massage.